How to sing like Lady Gaga

Kerri Ho has some great videos on singing techniques


There are lots of things to say about Lady Gaga. She is so over the top there was a time when she could not get out of the papers. For this reason, it is perhaps easy to underestimate her skill as a singer and as a composer. To sing like Lady Gaga, you’re going to have to work! 
Lady Gaga didn’t get where she is by “being” Lady Gaga. She went out and became Lady Gaga through dogged work. This includes her voice.

How do you sing like Lady Gaga?

As in everything that Lady Gaga does, there is lots of attitude and physicality in her singing. If you want to sing like Lady Gaga, it’s important to listen very carefully to the way she phrases things. Her voice is not that distinctive; we’re not talking about Aretha Franklin or even Annie Lennox. So a lot of her actual style comes from the way she styles the lyrics and the notes.

Learning to sing
To shape your voice, use method and practice, practice, practice

Kerri Ho gives a brilliant demonstration in the video above, which I recommend that you watch once and then go back and watch two or three times to thoroughly grasp what she is saying. Also, stand up and do it! Don’t sit at a computer to do this. Stand up and feel the difference the various techniques make inside your body. To be a singer, you have to be very aware of what is happening when you do different things.

As always, I strongly recommend warm-up exercises before you get into the singing part. Otherwise, you might risk damaging your voice. If you still struggle after a few days either book some time with a singing coach – they really can make a huge difference – or buy courses.

Either way, keep up the good fight. And keep expanding your range. Are there any other singers in her style that you like? Mention them below

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