How to sing like the stars

All of us have favorite singers that we’d love to sing like.  Everyone likes a different kind of music and a different singer. Inevitably, there are stars that we’d like to be able to imitate. In some cases, this is quite easy. But what about the really good singers? What chance do I have singing like them?

Well one way – and probably the first way for most people – is pure mimicry. We learn the inflections of the singers. We watch how they hold the mike, the gestures they use, the body language and everything that goes with live performance.  This has one big bonus: it makes us feels more confident about trying to sing like the stars. Otherwise, we would probably never start.

And some people even go on to make a living from it!

To sing like the stars, move like the stars

So our first piece of advice is that simple: to sing like the stars, move like the stars. Warm up to the physical side of it. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by your vocals yet. We’ll get to that. Allow yourself the fun of “being” whichever star you like for a while.

Inevitably, you will want to go one step further. Great. Over this site, you’ll find tips and advice from professionals, wannabes, semi-pros and fans about how to sing like the stars such as Justin Bieber. Try them out. If you feel you are getting stuck, go find the information or training you need. There are lots of teachers, vocal coaches and software tools out there. Remember that a few hours with a coach or software could change the way you sing for life.

Most of all, remember that ‘practice makes perfect’, so if you want to sing like the stars you’ll have to work at it. Practice, practice and practice over and over again till you feel confident enough to perform; till you feel that an audience will applaud you for your performance.

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