Justin Bieber’s changing voice

Justin Bieber '' Heartbreaker '' Official Single '' New...07.10.2013 by SoundbanK

It’s hardly news if you think about it. But his new single “Heartbreaker” shows how Justin Bieber’s changing voice is also changing the types of songs he sings. After all his recording and touring – and just growing up – it’s clear that he will soon start stretching his style and lyrics. The single is an evolution, not an evolution, as he still uses the distinctive crawl in his voice, and breaks it slightly at times to evoke emotion.

It’s affected, sure, but it’s what his fans like. The lead vocal is also surrounded by tons of “baby-oh baby” ad-libs. Added to the strange echo-laden production and mid-tempo rhythm, the overall effect is slightly hypnotic.

Read more about Justin Bieber’s voice. If you want to practice singing Heartbreaker by Justin Bieber, try the instrumental version at right. There are no particular difficulties in this song; it’s all a question of the vocal styling. Think you can do it?

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