Were Jay-Z and Beyonce’s streaming figures inflated?

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Beyonce documentary honestyIt seems like a strange situation. The authorities in Norway have opened an investigation to see if the streaming figures of Jay Z, Kanye West and Beyoncé were over-estimated on the Tidal site. The only reason to do this would be to inflate their earnings from the site.  The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv published a report accusing Tidal of intentionally falsifying streaming numbers for Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo albums. According to the detailed report, this led to inflated royalty returns to the respective artists’ labels.

But the question arises: why would they inflate the numbers and therefore increase the royalties they pay to artists. One possible explanation is that Tidal was deliberately inflating the numbers of its subscribers to promote its service. Lemonade was one of a number of albums available exclusively on Tidal. The site was launched with the support of major artists, in a bid to create a more favourable environment for the artists.

Jay-Z sold shares in Tidal

Although he was a shareholder at the launch of Tidal, Jay-Z has since then sold his shares to the Softbank group for a reported $200 million. He has claimed that Tidal owes him $3 million in streaming royalties. As the Norwegian authorities are interviewing former employees of the company, maybe he’ll find that the figure is not a s high as Jay-Z feels.

Tidal gas denied any wrongdoing in this affair.


Beyonce cover songs performed by two guys

A capella group Pentatonix

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This one goes (almost) without comment. Two guys decided to cover some of Beyonce‘s songs. No, actually they decided to cover all of the songs from her self-titled album as they couldn’t decide which one to sing. Plus, they did it all in five minutes. The result is pretty amazing! Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are members of the a cappella group Pentatonix.

How does this sounds as an exercise? Think you could something similar? We’d love to hear it if you do! Just post the link as a comment below.

More cover songs by Pentatonix

If you think this is good, I also strongly recommend that you drop over to the Pentatonix site for some sensational singing. Beautiful.

They are currently touring in the States (March 2014). Details on their website.


Justin Timberlake tells Beyonce: there’s something wrong with you

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The new self-titled Beyoncé album continues to make waves. In a behind-the-scenes video released recently, Justin Timberlake was so blown away by her vocal performance on the song “Rockets” that he blurted out, “Wow. There’s something wrong with you. That is… There’s something wrong with you”. He meant it as a compliment, of course. Timberlake and Miguel co-wrote the song with her.

"The video gives a good indication of what was running through Beyonce’s mind during the writing. She speaks notably about the fact she had felt a little hindered by what other people think of her. But, “the people that have grown up with me have grown up”. So she felt it was time give a more complete picture of herself.

“I feel like I’ve finally earned the right to be me and to express any and every side of myself,” she says. “I feel like I’m opening up a lot in these videos and showing a lot of sides that only a few people have ever seen.”