Justin Bieber: retiring or kidding?

Will Justin Bieber Retire From Music by Lehren Hollywood

So why would Justin Bieber retire right now?

Justin Bieber has said that he will retire after the next album; I say he won’t.

Seriously, can’t a guy wind up the music press any more? 😉

He made the comments during a radio interview in Los Angeles. But like many people, I don’t believe it’s true. His new releases show that a new Justin Bieber is emerging, one that has a good few years of mega-stardom ahead of him. He also has more music to reveal as he grows as an artist from a teeny-bop star to an adult performer.

It’s a transition that is not always easy to make and one that has many traps (hi, Miley). But I suspect Justin Bieber will be with us for years to come.

What would you do if he did retire?

So no. Justin Bieber is not retiring; he is just having some fun at the expense of the press and Twittersphere (and perhaps you). But seriously, what would you do if he did retire?